Honolulu PRiME 2012 - Honolulu, Hawaii

October 7 - October 12, 2012



E13 - Plasma Processing 19


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

324, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

Thin Film Etching Processes and Technologies

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and O. Leonte
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:40   2922   Direct SiGe BFFT Patterning by Dry Plasma Etching A. Milenin, L. Witters, B. Deweerdt, C. Vrancken, and M. Demand (IMEC)
09:00   2923   Hydrogen Plasma-Based Etching of Copper F. Wu (GLOBALFOUNDARIES), G. Levitin, T. Choi, and D. Hess (Georgia Institute of Technology)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:00   2924   Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching of InP with Cl2/H2/Ar Plasma E. Douglas, J. Stevens, R. Shul (Sandia National Laboratories), and S. Pearton (University of Florida)
10:20   2925   Extreme Nano Etching D. L. Olynick, Z. Liu, S. Dhuey, C. Peroz, B. Harteneck, and S. Cabrini (Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
11:00   2926   Investigation of Synchronized Pulsed Plasma for High Selective Etching of Silicon Nitride Spacers R. Blanc, O. Joubert, T. David (LTM), F. Leverd, and C. Vérove (STMicroelectronics)
11:20   2927   Systematic Approach to TDM Process Development C. W. Johnson, D. Pays-Volard, L. Martinez, and J. Plumhoff (Plasma-Therm)
11:40   2928   Advanced Dual Hard Mask Patterning Scheme to Enable High Resolution Lithography for sub 30 nm Technology Nodes J. Paul, M. Rudolph, S. Riedel (Fraunhofer-Center Nanoelectronic Technologies), S. Wege (Plasma-Consulting), C. Hohle, and V. Beyer (Fraunhofer-Center Nanoelectronic Technologies)
Co-Chairs: D.W. Hess and G.S. Mathad
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   2929   Towards New Plasma Technologies for 22 nm Gate Etch Processes and Beyond O. Joubert (LTM)
14:40   2930   Precision, Damage-Free Etching and Cleaning by Electron-Enhanced Reactions: Results and Simulations. H. P. Gillis, S. Anz (Systine Inc.), S. Han, J. Su (Caltech), and W. Goddard III (California Institute of Technology)
15:20   2931   Simulations of Industrial Plasma Processes: SF6 Etching S. Lopez-Lopez (Quantemol Ltd), A. Williams (University College London), D. Brown (Quantemol Ltd), and J. Tennyson (University College London)

Kamehameha Exhibit Hall 3, Level 1, Hawaii Convention Center

E13 - Poster Session

Co-Chairs: O. Leonte and D.W. Hess
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
o   2932   Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Simulation of GaN Etching Processes by Cl Radical K. Yanagiya, H. Ito, T. Kuwahara, T. Ishikawa, Y. Higuchi, N. Ozawa, T. Shimazaki, and M. Kubo (Tohoku University)
o   2933   Dry Etching Characteristics of Palladium Thin Films Using Inductive Coupled Plasma J. Kim, D. Lee, J. Kwak (Sunchon National University), S. Lee (Korea Polytechnic University), J. Yoon, J. Yang (Korea Basic Science Institute), and J. Lee (Sunchon National University)
o   2934   Improvement in Electric Property of ITO Films at Low Temperature H. Lee, Y. Han, M. Lee, J. Hur, H. Kim, and H. Lee (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
o   2935   Feature Profile 2D and 3D Simulation with Etching, Deposition and Implantation Processes P. Moroz (Tokyo Electron US Holdings)
o   2936   Preparation of Zinc Oxide Films by Coplanar Plasma Discharge Technique M. Okuya, T. Hanai, M. Iyoda, and K. Nabeta (Shizuoka University)
o   2937   Preparation of Polymer Particles Coated with a Diamond-like Carbon Film by a Polygonal Barrel-Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition Method Y. Honda, S. Akamaru, M. Inoue, and T. Abe (University of Toyama)
o   2938   Enhanced Optical and Electrical Property of ITO by Hydrogen Plasma and Post-Wet Treatment D. Lee, S. Yang, J. Kim, and J. Lee (Sunchon National University)
o   2939   Low Temperature TiC Coating Process by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition H. Masaoka, S. Matsumoto, N. Okamoto, T. Saito, K. Kondo (Osaka Prefecture University), and T. Kan (ULTEX)
o   2940   Observation of Vacancy-Induced Resistance Change in AlGaN/GaN HEMT C. Cheng, T. Chang, S. Liao, W. Ho, Y. Shiau, T. Chang, and J. Sen (Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology)
o   2941   Preparation of IZO Transparent Conductive Thin Film by Microwave Heating Technique S. Muto, Y. Kawabata, and M. Okuya (Shizuoka University)
o   2942   Effect of Inductively Coupled Plasma on the Electrical and Optical Properties of Indium Tin Oxide Films Deposited by Ionized Physical Vapor Deposition C. Hong (Electronics and Telecommunication Reaseach Institute), J. Shin, N. Park, K. Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), B. Kim (Electronics and Telecommunication Reaseach Institute), B. Ju (Korea University), and W. Cheong (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

324, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

Thin Film Etching Processes

Co-Chairs: M. Engelhardt and H.P. Gillis
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:40   2943   Deep Silicon Etching with CCP based Process Approaches for Small and Medium Size TSV Applications M. Rudolph, J. Paul (Fraunhofer-Center Nanoelectronic Technologies), and S. Wege (Plasma-Consulting)
09:00   2944  
The Chemical Reaction of IGZO Thin Film as the Effect of Inert Gas in CF4/Ar Plasmas Y. Joo, J. Woo, Y. Chun, and C. Kim (Chung-Ang University)
09:20   2945  
Etching Characteristics of Top Metal Electrode and IGZO channel layer in Inductively Coupled Plasma System Y. Chun, Y. Joo, J. Woo, and C. Kim (Chung-Ang University)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)

Plasma CVD

Co-Chairs: M. Engelhadt and H.P. Gillis
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
10:00   2946   Interplay Between Plasma Modification of Surfaces and Atomic Layer Deposition for Semiconductor Applications J. Swerts, C. Adelmann, S. Armini, A. Delabie, L. Nyns, M. Popovici, M. Schaekers, P. Verdonck, and S. Van Elshocht (imec)
10:40   2947   Hybrid Sublimation ECR-PECVD System for Fabrication of Rare Earth Doped Silicon Based Thin Film Structures R. Dabkowski, J. Wojcik, and P. Mascher (McMaster University)
11:00   2948  
Characterization and Modelling of CH4-CO2 Microwave Plasmas for Nano-Smooth Diamond Coatings and Homogeneous Nano-Diamond Grain Synthesis L. Vandenbulcke (Valcoating Technologies), T. Gries, S. De Persis (CNRS), and M. Vandenbulcke (Valcoating Technologies)

AP Plasma and Micro=plasma Applications

TimeProgr#Title and Authors
11:20   2949   Charge-based Delivery of Molecules to Skin Using Atmospheric Plasmas A. M. Hoff, R. Connolly, T. Chapman, J. Llewellyn, R. Gilbert, and M. Jaroszeski (University of South Florida)
11:40   2950   Analysis and Applications of Nonthermal Atmospheric Plasma: High Electric Field Plasma and Plasma Discharges/Jets Y. B. Manga and K. Ou (Taipei Medical University)
12:00   2951   Evaluation of Micro Plasma formed in the Narrow Gap in Electrolyte Solution H. Tamai (Hokkaido University), M. Hafner, A. Hassel (Johanes Kepler University Linz), H. Tachikawa, and K. Azumi (Hokkaido University)