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List of Technical Exhibitors

221st ECS Meeting

221st ECS Meeting | Seattle, WA, U.S.

Meeting: May 6-10, 2012 | Exhibit: May 7-9, 2012


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Booth: 205
65 South Main Street
Building D
Pennington, NJ 08534
United States

Celebrating our 110th anniversary in 2012 as an international nonprofit, educational organization, ECS is the leading society for electrochemistry and solid-state science and technology. ECS membership includes more than 9,000 scientists in over 70 countries, and approximately 100 corporations and government labs. Bridging the gaps in academia, research, and engineering, ECS provides an unparalleled forum for the integration of these areas of science and technology through its technical meetings and publications, and networking opportunities.


Agilent Technologies
Booths: 202, 204
Joan Horwitz
4330 W. Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85226
United States

Agilent will show its new Source/Measure Unit (SMU) with a range of up to 210 volts and 3 amps (DC) or 10.5 amps (pulsed) and a measurement resolution of 10 fA and 100 nV. Also featured is new software for the 5500 Atomic Force Microscope that was designed for electrochemistry.


Booth: 211
Katsunobu Yamamoto
1-28-12 Mukojima
Sumida-Ku, Tokyo 131-0033

ALS provides researchers with a wide range of products including Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalances, Bipotentiostats, Battery-powered electrochemical analyzers, Ring-Disk electrode apparatus and Spectrometry instruments. We are also dealing with various kinds of Spectroelectrochemical cells, electrodes for conductivity measurements, electrodes for EC measurement same as their related items.


Asylum Research
Booth: 212
Terry Mehr
6310 Hollister Ave
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
United States

Asylum Research is the technology leader for atomic force and scanning probe microscopy (AFM/SPM) for materials and electrochemistry applications. Asylum's product line comprises the versatile MFP-3D™ AFM/SPM family and the Cypher™ AFM, setting the standard as the world's fastest, most accurate and highest resolution AFM. Featured at ECS is the new Electrochemical Strain Microscopy technique for battery research at the nanoscale that probes ionic transport and electrochemical processes in volumes 106 - 108 times smaller than conventional electrochemical methods.


Booths: 311 & 313
David Carey
9050 Executive Park Dr., Suite 105C
Knoxville, TN 37923
United States

Bio-Logic is the exclusive provider of EC-Lab Electrochemical Measurement Instruments. EC-Lab products include modular single-channel (SP-200/300) and multi-channel (VSP/VMP3) potentiostats/galvanostats, high current potentiostats (HCP-803/1005), and easy to use software and a complete line of electrochemical accessories. At ECS, we will proudly introduce the most powerful multi-potentiostat on the market. The VSP-300 is capable of having up to 6 independent potentiostats in one chassis, applying either1A/49V or 4A/15V, measuring currents down to 5 fA, voltages down to 750 nV, performing EIS experiments up to 7 MHz, analog and digital filtering, and true floating mode operation. All of this at a great economical price. Come to booth 300/302 and see our exciting line of products.


Bruker Corporation
Booth: 307
Ceci Stenger
112 Robin Hill Rd.
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93117
United States
1.805-967-2700 x 2312

Bruker provides the world’s largest selection of high performance AFMs. Our research instrumentation suite provides a full range of electrical and electrochemical characterization capabilities for energy applications with new electrochemical cells, our exclusive PeakForce TUNA mode, and turnkey 1ppm environmental control.


eDaq, Inc.
Booth: 206
Michael Hagen
1485 Tuskegee Place, Suite E
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
United States

eDaq, Inc. High Resolution Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy system. System resolution 0.001% phase error and 0.002% magnitude error across all frequencies 0.001 Hz to 1MHz (at 0.1 to 10^10 ohms). Electrochemistry systems with specialized software for 33 different types of electrochemical analysis Including galvanostat operation, ZRA and HiZ amp. Multichannel electrochemistry systems capable of bipotentiostat operation Specialized electrochemistry systems for teaching.


ESL Electroscience
Booth: 207
Kira Stein
416 East Church Rd.
King of Prussia, PA 19406
United States
1.610.272.8000 x289

ESL Electroscience meets its customer’s challenges with off-the-shelf products, and by the development of proprietary or customer formulations. In absolute confidentiality, ESL delivers on-time low-cost, high-reliability, stable and reproductive materials in an ISO 9001: 2008 environment, scaling up from laboratory and pilot-scale quantities to high-volume production.


Evans Analytical Group (EAG)
Booth: 108
Cindy Gentile
810 Kifer Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
United States

Evans Analytical Group (EAG) is the global leader in materials characterization and surface analysis services. Measurements available include: SEM, TEM, GDMS, ICP-MS, XRD, Auger, XPS, TOF-SIMS, and XRF. EAG provides fast turn-around time, superior data quality and excellent results from over 15 labs in the US, Europe and Asia.


Gamry Instruments
Booths: 214, 216
Jacob Ketter
734 Louis Dr.
Warminster, PA 18974
United States

Gamry is introducing our latest potentiostat – the Interface 1000, a small form factor USB instrument that performs EIS to 1 MHz and has current ranges from 10na to 1A. We are also showing our new Reference 30k Booster which boosts current capabilities of the Reference 3000 up to 30 amps. The new eQCM will be on hand and we will be simulating CVs with DigiElch.


HEKA Electronics, Inc.
Booth: 116
Stephen Jones
643 Highway #14
Chester, Nova Scotia B0J1J0

HEKA Electronics Inc. will be demonstrating their latest Electrochemical Probe Scanner (ELProScan), the ELP 3 system. This high end system is designed for biological applications. It provides a fully integrated inverted microscope optic with motorized focus axis and the Z-axis is aligned with the optical axis in such a way that the center of the microelectrode is always visible in the center of the visual field. There is an integrated ring light for different illumination techniques and fluorescence objectives from Nikon or Olympus can be used. The system can also be equipped with a shear force unit for constant distance mode. HEKA will also have potentiostats/galvanostats on display.


Booth: 106
Greg Lance
9625 West 76th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55344
United States

Hysitron® is the world's leading nanomechanical testing instrumentation company and is dedicated to the development of next- generation in-situ and ex-situ testing solutions for nanoscale materials characterization. Hysitron's comprehensive nanomechanical testing techniques for Fuel Cell, Lithium ion Battery, Super Capacitor, and Solar Cell applications will keep you at the forefront of technology.


Booth: 107
Tom Wilson
Two Technology Place
E. Syracuse, NY 13057
United States

INFICON QCM instruments are well-suited for research applications. The RQCM provides an advanced method of measuring film properties during processes such as deposition, dissolution and permeation. Data is logged and graphically displayed using Windows-based software in real-time. Stop by our booth for a demonstration.


Pete Peterson
961687 Gateway Blvd., Suite 201D
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
United States

Ivium Technologies designs electrochemical instrumentation for research and routine applications. We are introducing the Vertex™ Potentiostat in Seattle. The Vertex is an entry-level instrument for research and teaching applications. We will also be demonstrating the IviumStat™ -- with a maximum current of 10 Amps and a total of 12 current ranges, the IviumStat can handle the most demanding electrochemical applications. For the convenience of portability, check out the CompactStat™, a research-grade Potentiostat powered from the USB port of your Notebook Computer. We will also be showing the nStat™ Multi-Channel Potentiostat for labs that need maximum electrochemical throughput.


Metrohm USA
Booths: 213, 215
6555 Pelican Creek Circle
Riverview, FL 33578
United States

Metrohm featuring AUTOLAB electrochemistry systems with modular and dedicated designs, and advanced control software which provide a flexible foundation that can easily grow with your application needs. Options include low current, impedance, EQCM, multiplexing, high and low speed scanning, and variety of cells, electrodes and accessories for research needs.


MTI Corporation
Booth: 208
Mel Jiang
860 South 19th St.
Richmond, CA 94804
United States

MTI Corporation provides high quality and low cost precision machines for materials research and R&D Lab such as low speed cutting saw, auto polishing machine, high temperature box and tube furnace, X-ray crystal orientation machine and mini XRD as well as full sets of equipment for research of rechargeable battery materials.


NuVant Systems, Inc.
Booth: 303
Linda Smotkin
9800 Connecticut Drive
Crown Point, IN 46307
United States

NuVant Systems, Inc. is located at the Purdue Research Technology Center of Northwest Indiana, provides electrode components for electrochemical energy conversion devices. NuVant manufactures a wide range of electrochemical testing equipment for fundamental research, batteries, fuel cells and combinatorial electrochemistry. NuVant now manufactures and distributes ELAT carbon cloth gas-diffusion-layers.


Pine Research Instrumentation
Booths: 102, 104
Marion Jones
2741 Campus Walk Ave
Building 100
Durham, NC 27705
United States

Pine Research Instrumentation manufactures a full line of affordable, durable and reliable rotating electrode products. In addition to rotating electrodes, we also offer patterned electrodes. They are a convenient way to set up a three-electrode cell and are available with a ceramic substrate or screen printed carbon. Our popular modulated speed rotator is used by researchers who appreciate high quality instrumentation in both academic and industrial settings. Pine’s new WaveNow potentiostat is a portable USB potentiostat. Weighing less than 200 grams, this system features a convenient USB interface, a fully functional potentiostat and galvanostat, and our powerful AfterMath instrument control and data analysis software.


Princeton Applied Research
Booths: 101, 103, 105
801 S. Illinois Ave.
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
United States

Princeton Applied Research is a leading manufacturer of laboratory instruments utilized for investigations in the field of electrochemistry, which includes batteries, fuel cells, corrosion, sensors and general physical chemistry. In business more than 50 years, we offer customers the benefit of knowledge, expertise, products, and solutions to support their particular research interest.


Booth: 114

Redcat is the essential online tool for everyone in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology...

  • Browse + search cutting-edge research
  • Meet + connect with peers
  • Contribute + share your content and ideas
Redcat is your Web of Connections... Redcat is yours—OWN IT!


Scribner Associates
Booth: 201
Jason Scribner
150 E. Connecticut Ave.
Southern Pines, NC 28387
United States

Scribner Associates Inc. specializes in advanced analytical hardware and software for electrochemical research and development. On display will be the Model 850e Fuel Cell Test System, a turn-key instrument for PEM, DMFC, and SOFC R&D, featuring multiple current ranges for high accuracy over a wide dynamic range, automated humidifier bypass valves for wet/dry cycling, automatic water fill, and accurate reactant dew point control up to 5 SLM. Also on display will be FuelCell®, the most powerful and versatile fuel cell R&D application software in the industry. We are pleased to introduce the new Model 840 Advanced Fuel Cell Test System. The 840 offers researchers all the popular features of the 850e, plus enhanced fuel control and data acquisition, as well as higher flow rates and load power rating. We will also demonstrate the Model 910 multichannel microelectrode impedance analyzer, a breakthrough product for DC and AC electrochemistry of up to 100 microelectrodes with applications in sensors and arrays, combinatorial electrochemistry, electrocatalyst and battery research, and corrosion science. Also featured will be MultiStat®, ZPLOT® and CorrWare® electrochemical measurement software. All of our products are available for quick delivery and are backed by extensive technical support.


Solartron Analytical
Booths: 101, 103, 105
Ari Tampasis
801 S. Illinois Ave.
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
United States

Solartron Analytical is the global leader in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, providing more than 60 years of instrumentation development expertise for materials and electrochemical research. Solartron Analytical instruments and accessories are advancing the research into the physical and electrochemical properties of batteries, fuel cells, organic coatings, corrosion inhibitors, and sensors, as well as the characterization of materials for dielectrics, solar cells, display technologies, ferroelectrics, and composites.


Toshima Manufacturing Co, Ltd.
Booth: 203
Tetsuo Yamanaka
1414 Shimonomoto
Higashi-Matsuyama – Shi, Saitama

Toshima Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Manufacture of sputtering target for several categories of electron field, such as battery & energy, optoelectronics, Ferro electronics, superconductor. We always challenge in provide with new type of material and believe it makes you satisfactory.


ULVAC Technologies, Inc.
Booth: 305
Evan Sohm
401 Griffin Brook Drive
Methuen, MA 01844
United States

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. Nanoparticle and ultra thin film deposition equipment will be displayed. The APD system uses an Arc Plasma Deposition source to deposit magnetic films, DLC, semiconductor thin films, nanoparticle metallic overcoats (uniformly sized from 2 to 9 nm) for fuel cell electrode catalysts, exhaust gas catalysts and more.


Uniscan Instruments
Booth: 315
Mike Dawson
Sigma House
Burlow Road
Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9JB

Uniscan Instruments design and manufacture instrumentation and software for spatially resolved electrochemistry. We pioneered the introduction of commercially produced, laboratory based electrochemical scanning probe instruments and offer sales, support and service from our head office in the UK. We also manufacture multi-channel systems for electrochemical impedance and dc applications and hand-held instruments.


Wildcat Discovery Technologies
Booth: 301
Ross Russo
6985 Flanders Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
United States

Wildcat Discovery Technologies is involved in the discovery and development of new materials for lithium-ion batteries. Using proprietary high throughput tools, Wildcat can synthesize over 3,000 new materials per week and measure capacity, power, voltage, and cycle life in actual cells. Wildcat works on all parts of the battery – cathode, anode, formulation, electrolyte and additives. Using these capabilities, Wildcat has independently developed multiple new materials, including CM1, a high voltage cathode and EM1, a 5 volt electrolyte with demonstrated benefit to a wide range of cathodes.


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