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Publish Your Conference Proceedings with ECS Transactions

Did you know that ECS Transactions (ECST) offers publication services for ECS-sponsored and outside meetings? Publishing with ECST provides complimentary access to our manuscript submission and review system, as well as designated staff to support your authors and editors. Click here for a full listing of our technical areas.

Why Publish with ECST? ECST offers…

Rapid Publication: ECST can publish your proceedings as early as two weeks after reviews have been completed. From submission to publication, the process takes only about two and a half months!

Visibility and Discoverability: ECS Transactions is indexed by most major services, including the Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index, SciFinder, Scopus, and Google Scholar. In 2016 ECST received over 260,000 full-text downloads and more than 1,000,000 abstract views.

Quality on a Budget: No matter the size of your proceedings, publishing with ECST stays affordable—our standard fee for 2020 is $3,000.

Flexibility: ECST staff will work with you to set a publication and review schedule that best suits your needs. Although we provide templates and guidelines, publishing with ECST allows you to maintain full editorial control of your content; the degree to which papers are reviewed for technical content is left to the editors’ discretion.

A Variety of Publication Formats: ECS Transactions offers the option of digital-only (PDF) or CD/USB editions of your proceedings. ECS is also partnered with Curran Associates, a company which provides print-on-demand softcover editions of all ECST content.

Recent and Upcoming Conferences Publishing with ECS Transactions

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